Free Mac Programs

This website is the product of many years of building websites and using Macs to do it. In a quest to avoid paying outrageous money for software that was available for free, we began collecting the best open-source and free software from the far reaches of the web.

Free Mac Programs - iMac

We believe that all good software should be free for the world to use. That is why we have compiled a list of all the best free and open-source programs for Mac users. These programs provide alternatives to the expensive barriers necessary to create websites and simply use the computer in general.

Open Source Mac

This is not a comprehensive list of all mac programs out there, but simply a collection of the best tools that we have found that are free to use and provide the best quality. Also, while some people may enjoy paid programs (We love Coda), this list of programs will let you design a website, record a song or do pretty much anything you want to do on a computer.

Free Mac Programs - Free Programs

If you have any programs that you want to see on this list, feel free to contact us and we will add them.

Why Do I See Paid Programs?

We have however, included several paid programs as well. That is because these prove to be exceptional and well worth the money spent. If you choose to support your local web developer I suggest making a donation and supporting quality programs. These paid versions have greatly expanded features.

If you do not want the paid version, we offer multiple other free versions of the same software as well (where available).



Limited Free




Free Mac Programs - Audacity Icon


Audacity is a great open source tool for easily editing and recording songs. This free piece of Mac software is comparable to Garage Band and can help you produce music without expensive software.

Download Audacity
Free Mac Programs - IEatBrainz Icon


This tool helps you fill in all of the missing data on your iTunes songs including album covers, dates, and all sorts of other information gathered in the applications massive music database.

Download IEatBrainz
Free Mac Programs - SoundCloud Icon


SoundCloud is a great tool for people to share and collaborate on their music projects. Available via a desktop app through the Mac Store along with a website version, this program is essential for any aspiring musician to get their work out there.

Download SoundCloud


Free Mac Programs - Sophos Icon


While Mac's generally do not get many viruses, if you still want virus protection for your Mac then Sophos is the way to go. The program is free for mac users and has the basic features required to keep your mac free from many common sources of malware that can affect your computer.

Download Sophos

File Synchronization

Free Mac Programs - FileSync Icon


FileSync is a great free tool for syncing files between two folders. Constantly copying, replacing and deleting files can be a time consuming task. This program makes it easy to backup your data. Easily the most simple and straightforward file sync program available.

Download FileSync
Free Mac Programs - GoodSync Icon


GoodSync is a great free tool for syncing files between two folders. Constantly copying, replacing and deleting files can be a time consuming task. This program makes it easy to backup your data.

Download GoodSync

File Converters

Free Mac Programs - Adapter Icon


Adapter is a great image converting software. This software allows you to convert images to commonly known file formats in an easy to use an efficient manner. This tool is great for batching work and converting multiple files at once.

Download Adapter
Free Mac Programs - Miro Video Converter Icon

Miro Video Converter

Miro Video Converter is a free tool from the Mac App Store that lets you easily convert video types. This tool is great for making a video ready for iTunes or converting a video into a more popular format.

Download MVC


Free Mac Programs - Calibre


Calibre is an open source ebook reader and converter. Use this to build, categorized and maintain your library. Features of this app are also available via the free Apple iBooks App

Download Calibre
Free Mac Programs - Recordmp3

iBooks Author

Apple iBooks Author is an awesome tool to easily create and publish e-books to the Apple eBook Store. Use this tool to write your ebook and make a profit. The setup feels just like iPages (now free) and is easily the best tool to make Apple eBooks.

Download iBooks Author
Free Mac Programs - Kindle Cloud Reader Icon

Kindle Cloud Reader

The Kindle Cloud Reader is perfect for reading your Kindle library books from your Mac or Apple device. Available form Amazon, it is much like iBooks in that it sorts your titles in an easy to read format. It is also available on your iPhone and iPad for steaming across all devices.

Download Kindle Reader

Cloud Storage

Free Mac Programs - Dropbox Icon


Dropbox is a cloud file storage service that uses encryption to protect your data and make sure you always have a backup. With the free account and the maximum number of referrals you can get over 32gb of free cloud storage, more than enough for the average persons files and photos.

Download Dropbox


Free Mac Programs - Gmail Icon


Gmail is a free, browser based email service from Google that goes well with the entire suite of Google products any web developer needs to get presence in the search engines.

Download Gmail
Free Mac Programs - Mozilla Thunderbird Icon

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is an alternative email program to Apple's Mail program and is owned by the same creators of Firefox. This powerful email client is a great alternative to the ones providing with the Mac Software bundle.

Download Thunderbird


Free Mac Programs - Dolphin Icon


Dolphin is a great, free emulator for those old Gamecube games laying around. This is one of the most recent emulators built and there are still some bugs and flaws as developers work to make all the old Nintendo games available online.

Download Dolphin
Free Mac Programs - Nestopia Icon


Nestopia is a original Nintendo emulator for the Mac and can help you relive your childhood by being able to replay all your favorite games right on your computer. Relive classic experiences as you play ROM versions of classic 1980's and early 1990's video games.

Download Nestopia
Free Mac Programs - Sixty Force Icon

Sixty Force

Sixty Force is a Nintendo 64 Emulator for the Mac. While we do not condone breaking copyright and downloading ROMs, this has many useful applications for replaying old video games should you choose to.

Download Sixty Force
Free Mac Programs - SNES9x Icon


Snes9x is a powerful Super Nintendo emulator that supports functions such as USB controllers and many other features. This emulator is great for playing your favorite classic games.

Download Snes9x
Free Mac Programs - Visualboy Advance Icon

Visualboy Advance

Visualboy Advance is a great, free Gameboy color emulator for the Mac that lets you play any Gameboy ROM. This is a great program for ROM's of user developed games or your favorite childhood ones as well.

Download Visualboy Advance


Free Mac Programs - Celestia Icon


Celestia is an eductional program that lets you travel digitally among the stars. Used by NASA and educational professionals alike, this program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the universe.

Download Celestia
Free Mac Programs - Stellarium Icon


Stellarium is a little different and is a digital planetarium that lets you explore the night sky from a position on Earth. Explore the constellations through the perspective of the naked eye, binoculars and telescopes.

Download Stellarium

File Hosting

Free Mac Programs - CC Publisher Icon

CC Publisher

The CC Publisher is a tool available by Creative Commons to let you publish and host files on their server. This tool is an awesome free cloud storage service if you are looking for an alternative.

Download CC Publisher
Free Mac Programs - MAMP Icon


MAMP is a PHP server that you can set up to create your own web hosting. While this is not for the inexperienced, this ultimately will let you remove web hosting fees from your websites and allow you to create even more profit for the skilled developer. This is a great alternative to many experience server programs out there.

Download MAMP

File Sharing

Free Mac Programs - Cabos Icon


Cabos is an open source file sharing program that is based on Limewire and the Gnutella network. Bearing a resemblance to the now gone Limewire this is great peer to peer software.

Download Cabos
Free Mac Programs - SolarSeek Icon


SolarSeek has been discontinued and is no longer being developed. However this only means that the application is up for grabs and someone can modify it as they see fit. We included the link so adventurous web developers can download an existing copy.

Download SolarSeek
Free Mac Programs - Transmission Icon


Transmission is a light-weight, simple and easy to use torrent client that is probably the best one of this list. This program easily allows blocking of unencrypted users, adding of block lists and makes everything simply to use.

Download Transmission
Free Mac Programs - Tribler Icon


Tribler is an anonymous and newly created client that uses a Tor like service to encrypt both download and upload speeds. This is the service for the privacy minded user.

Download Tribler
Free Mac Programs - uTorrent Icon


uTorrent is a classic file sharing program that is not as popular on Macs as on Windows. Nevertheless this program is functional and reliable if you are going to torrent.

Download uTorrent
Free Mac Programs - Vuze Icon


Vuze is a bitorrent client that is much unlike the others we have listed. In addition to downloading .torrent files, you can also publish your own content to the network and even earn a little money from it. While Vuze originally used to be open source, with later editions the creators are forcing people to accept a restrictive license.

Download Vuze

File Ripping

Free Mac Programs - Burn


Burn is easy software to write files to a CD for external storage or sharing. You can change all sorts of features about the files within the program and lets you easily make .mp3 discs for DVD's or BlueRays.

Download Burn
Free Mac Programs - iPodDisk Icon


iPodDisk is a free alternative to Senuti that lets you transfer music from your iPod into your iTunes library. This is perfect for people that need a backup of their library if the hard drive fails or a stolen computer.

Download iPodDisk
Free Mac Programs - HandBrake


HandBrake is DVD ripping software that will let you create movie files from your favorite DVD's. This tool is useful for digitizing a DVD collection that may get scratched and therefore rendered unplayable.

Download HandBrake
Free Mac Programs - SiteSucker Icon


SiteSucker is a great tool from the Mac App Store that lets you download the files of any website you choose. This tool is great for web developers that want to experiment with other websites code. Just be sure to always make sure of copyright laws and never copy someones code directly.

Download SiteSucker


Free Mac Programs - Bitcoin Icon


Bitcoin is an anonymous cryptocurrency that is becoming very popular for online transactions. This currency is a digital equivalent to cash and can be used to purchase good and services.

Download Bitcoin
Free Mac Programs - Buddi Icon


Buddi is another personal finance tool that lets you track spending is targeted at people who have no financial experience. This makes it essential for the budding financial planner to take control of their finances and increase their wealth.

Download Buddi
Free Mac Programs - Mint Icon


Mint is the perfect financial tracker and analysis tool. Add all of your different accounts and track spending, create budgets and easily manage all your finances. When it comes time for tax season, Mint makes paying easy.

Download Mint
Free Mac Programs - Stock+ Icon


Want to become your own investor instead of trusting your hard earned money to some Wall Street schmuck? Well with this free available stock ticker you will be able to track stocks over a period of time, find out which ones to buy and when to sell them to make a profit.

Download Stock+

FTP Clients

Free Mac Programs - Cyberduck Icon


Cyberduck is a FTP client that is easily the best one to use for uploading files to a server. This client is reliable, fast and popular with web developers from around the world.

Download Cyberduck
Free Mac Programs - Fugu Icon


Fugu is a create SFTP client that transfers files securely. This means that all of your information is encrypted as it is transferred from your mac to your website server.

Download Fugu
Free Mac Programs - FileZilla Icon


Filezilla is a very popular FTP client that is extremely easy to use and has been around for a long time. Available in many languages, this powerful program is great for anyone that needs to upload files to a server.

Download Filezilla
Free Mac Programs - Transmit Icon


Offering a limited, free version, Transmit is easily the best FTP client on the market. Boasting the fastest upload and download speeds of any client, along with powering the text editor Coda, this program is really worth the investment if you are creating websites or managing an online business.

Download Transmit


Free Mac Programs - Runescape Icon


Runescape is a RPG that is free to play, with membership upgrades available. A classic game since the start of the internet, the third variation builds upon the previous ones and is probably the best free RPG.

Download Runescape
Free Mac Programs - Steam Icon


Steam is a client that lets you download free games in addition to high profile released games. All of the games are downloaded within the client and stored on the cloud so you do not have to worry about data being saved on your desktop or losing game CD's.

Download Steam


Free Mac Programs - Gimp Icon


Gimp is a free, open-source alternative to Photoshop that offers many of the same features. Adobe Photoshop is expensive and Gimp is a means around that. While it lacks some of the more in-depth graphics features, this tool is more than adequete for basic image modification and manipulation.

Download Gimp
Free Mac Programs - Inkscape Icon


Inkscape is a powerful open source vector image editor. This is a great, free alternative to Adobe Illustrator that performs many of the same functions. Use this to help create your own, open source graphics suite. Inkscape works in the general .svg format but also supports Adobe and many other file extensions.

Download Inkscape
Free Mac Programs - Scribus Icon


Scribus is a desktop publishing tool that lets you create beautiful pages for an eBook or digital magazine. This is a great alternative to the more expensive Adobe Indesign and we included it in this section because we believe it falls more under graphics than eBook creators.

Download Scribus
Free Mac Programs - Seashore Icon


Seashore is another great alternative to Photoshop that is run on the same software as Gimp. Both provide pretty much the same features and its all what you prefer. We included both Gimp and Seashore because we believe people should have the option to decide which one they like better.

Download Seashore

3D Modeling

Free Mac Programs - 123D Make Icon

123D Make

123D Make is a great tool that lets you turn your favorite 3D model into a real physical object through paper. This is only one app in a product of suites that lets you create a physical form for your digital idea.

Download 123D Make
Free Mac Programs - Blender Icon


Blender is open source 3D graphics design software and is a powerful alternative to many very expensive programs out there. Use this program to create 3D models for websites, video games and much, much more.

Download Blender
Free Mac Programs - Google Sketchup Icon

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is a free tool from Google that allows you to create 3D cad files for use with a 3D printer. This great free program lets you easily go from idea to physical prototype in hours with an adjoining 3D printer.

Download Google Sketchup
Free Mac Programs - eDrawings Viewer Icon

eDrawings Viewer

eDrawings Viewer is a great program for viewing 3D design files if you are a project manager or someone who does not need to directly edit the file. Great for getting a visual design before it goes to the 3D printer.

Download eDrawings Viewer

Instant Messaging

Free Mac Programs - Adium Icon


Adium is a multifunctional chat messaging system that lets you use your previous screen name from popular websites like AIM, MSN Messenger and much, much more to communicate. All of the chats are encrypted so your privacy is protected as well.

Download Adium
Free Mac Programs - Colloquy Icon


Colloquy is a great IRC client that lets you easily chat on the web. IRC is a chat messaging format that lets you install a client on your desktop to send messages and files across the internet. This is a great alternative for people that do not want an account with an IM website.

Download Colloquy


Free Mac Programs - Google Earth Icon

Google Earth

Google Earth is a great free program to explore the world from the eyes in the sky. Check out your childhood home or many of the cool things people have located around the globe through the program, the possibilities are endless.

Download Google Earth

Media Players

Free Mac Programs - MPlayer Icon


Mplayer is an open source media player that can play a wide variety of codexes. This is a great alternative to Quicktime and the other media players we have offered here.

Download MPlayer
Free Mac Programs - Perian Icon


Perian is an addition to the Mac that lets you play a lot more video files through Quicktime than is initially installed. This program gives you almost all the known codex's in the world to let you play most video files natively.

Download Perian
Free Mac Programs - VLC Icon


VLC is an open source video player that allows you to play nearly every video type available. This program is lightweight and performs exactly what is needed and is a great alternative to the Perian + Quicktime combo if you just want a single media player.

Download VLC
Free Mac Programs - XBMC Icon


XBMX is a great tool that lets you create your own Netflix if you have the known how to set up through a streaming service. This open source media platform can be installed on your Apple TV as well so you can create your own personal media center.

Download XBMC

Note Taking

Free Mac Programs - Evernote Icon


Evernote is a great free note taking app that lets you record video, draw and type to jot down your thoughts whenever they come to you. Used by professionals over the world, this program is worth it for any creative minds.

Download Evernote
Free Mac Programs - MindNode Icon


MindNode is great free software for creating mind maps and other flowcharts for the representation of your ideas. Great for school projects and business alike, this software is available for the iPhone and iPad along with the Mac.

Download MindNode
Free Mac Programs - XMind Icon


XMind is another great mind map software that lets you import directly to Evernote along with being able to easily create, edit and view beautiful flow charts and other organization formats.

Download XMind


Free Mac Programs - Adobe Reader X Icon

Adobe Reader X

Adobe Reader X is a free PDF viewing software from Adobe that is great if you just wish to read PDFs. This is the classic software that has been around for years and has always been free to download.

Download Adobe Reader X
Free Mac Programs - Formulate Pro Icon

Formulate Pro

While Adobe Reader X simply lets you view PDFs, Formulate Pro lets you edit them. This is a powerful free program in the digital world where you may need to fill out an online application or make edits to PDF's before you send them for work.

Download Formulate Pro
Free Mac Programs - Skim Icon


Skim is a great combination of Adobe Reader X and Formulate Pro. Able to easily read and edit PDF's, this software is open source and great for all your document viewing and editing functions.

Download Skim


Free Mac Programs - Google+ Auto Backup Icon

Google+ Auto Backup

Google+ Auto Backup will automatically backup every photo on your computer and make it available via a cloud storage service. This service couples with all the rest of your Google accounts and is great for web developers to store project images automatically for later use.

Download G+ Backup
Free Mac Programs - Picasa Icon

Google Picasa

Picasa is a great, free tool from Google that lets you organize and sort the photos on your computer. It will automatically scan for all photos reveal ones you probably forgot you had.

Download Picasa


Free Mac Programs - Juice Icon


Juice is a great open source podcast viewer that lets you stay up to date with your favorite programs. This is a great alternative to many of the paid podcasts programs out there and has many of the same functions.

Download Juice


Free Mac Programs - Vidalia Icon

Tor / Vidalia

Tor is a military grade encryption service that lets you mask your IP and surf the web anonymously. In order to use the program successfully you should use the Tor Browser and Vidalia program package however Vidalia can be coupled with other browsers as a proxy service.

Download Tor
Free Mac Programs - True Crypt Icon

True Crypt

True Crypt is an encryption tool that lets you encrypt folders on your desktop using military grade encryption to protect your files. Note this product has been discontinued, touting security flaws and issues in older versions now.

Download True Crypt


Free Mac Programs - RSSOwl Icon


RSSOwl is the preferred open source RSS feeder as many have been discontinued and more continue to become paid. This program is effective and will let you stay up to date with all your favorite website publications.

Download RSSOwl


Free Mac Programs - Google Voice Icon

Google Voice

Google Voice gives you your own number and lets you partner that number with your existing phone. When you download the app you can make phone calls from your current phone, essentially providing a mask in order to avoid giving companies and big data your real phone number.

Download Google Voice
Free Mac Programs - ooVoo Icon


While free Skype does not allow group video chatting, ooVoo is a great conference calling service that can be just in addition to Skype. Time is limited except for the paid version, so we recommend only using this service when necessary.

Download ooVoo
Free Mac Programs - Skype Icon


Skype is a video calling app that lets you make international calls for free. This great tool lets you communicate with people a continent away and can be used for your business. If you want to make conference or group calls however, you'll have to pay for it.

Download Skype
Free Mac Programs - Telephone Icon


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Check it out in the app store here.

Download Telephone

Time Management

Free Mac Programs - Aurora Icon


Aurora is an alarm clock for your Mac that lets you wake up to your favorite iTunes playlist or any TV or radio channel from EyeTV. Other features include a Snooze Timer, a Fall Asleep Timer, Apple Remote support and the ability to wake your Mac from sleep or from a powered-off state.

Download Aurora
Free Mac Programs - Slife Icon


Slife is an open source tool that tells you exactly how much time you spend on your computer and where. This can help you greatly with time management as you can tell which tasks consume the bulk of your time.

Download Slife


Free Mac Programs - CCleaner Icon


CCleaner is a free tool that will let you clean up the junk and flotsam of your Mac. This will help you get more hard drive space as well as consolidate and speed up your Mac.

Download CCleaner
Free Mac Programs - CheatSheet Icon


Learn all of the different shortcuts of your keyword and be a master of mac efficiency with this handy tool available from the app store. This app will help you navigate through your mac with much more ease.

Download CheatSheet
Free Mac Programs - Memory Clean Icon

Memory Clean

Memory Clean is another great application for cleaning up the extra memory in your Mac.

Check it out in the app store here.

Download Memory Clean
Free Mac Programs - NameChanger Icon


NameChanger is the perfect software for editing a huge list of files all at once. Got an entire album of pictures you want to categorize? This tool can easily help you do that with ease.

Download NameChanger
Free Mac Programs - Quicksilver Icon


Quicksilver is an open source application launcher and file viewer. Through this one program you can quickly access your applications, files and many other content on your Mac with ease.

Download Quicksilver
Free Mac Programs - The Unarchiver


The Unarchiver is a create tool for expanding all sorts of compressed files including .zip, .gz and everything else. This tool is essential for any web developer and greatly expands on the included Mac version.

Check it out in the app store here.

Download the Unarchiver

Web Browsers

Free Mac Programs - Google Chrome Icon

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free browser that is one of the most popular ones in the world. A lot of the components of Google Chrome are open source and was built by several Firefox developers.

Download Chrome
Free Mac Programs - Mozilla Firefox Icon

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed for Mac, Windows and Linux. This is one of the top three web browsers used around the world and has been around for over 10 years now. With a lot of extra addons, especially ones for web development this is a great all around secure browser to use.

Download Firefox
Free Mac Programs - Opera Icon


Opera is a web browser first released in 1995 that offers a great alternative to the other ones available. While not as popular as Chrome or Firefox, this browser is a great free alternative for those looking for something different.

Download Opera

Web Development

Free Mac Programs - Blue Griffon Icon

Blue Griffon

Blue Griffon is a WYSIWYG text editor for creating websites and programs that has many powerful addons for things such as FTP, CSS and Word Counts. Some features are paid but for the most part this is a great free alternative to Dreamweaver.

Download Blue Griffon
Free Mac Programs - WaveMaker Icon


WaveMaker is a great web development tool that lets you rapidly build apps and programs and host them for free for up to 300 days. This is a great tool for creating or designing programs necessary for your business or to sell.

Download WaveMaker

Windows Emulators

Free Mac Programs - Q Emulator Icon

Q Emulator

Q Emulator is a great windows emulator tool that lets you run Windows applications off of your Mac. This application even runs on PowerPC so it is available for older Macs as well.

Download Q Emulator
Free Mac Programs - VirtualBox Icon


VirtualBox is a virtualization software that lets you emulate Windows on your mac. This is a great open source tool for using Windows programs. This software is being actively developed so it is always available for the latest operating system.

Download VirtualBox

Word Processing

Free Mac Programs - Abiword Icon


AbiWord is a tool that lets multiple people collaborate on the same file. This document sharing service lets you easily share, edit and format documents all from an easy to use interface. Ideal for groups looking for free project management software.

Download Abiword
Free Mac Programs - iPages Icon


iPages was just released to the public for free and is included in our list for its easy of access to use and simplicity. Apple programs are actually top of the line and this software is easily comparable to Microsoft Word.

Download iPages
Free Mac Programs - Libre Office Icon


LibreOffice is one of the fastest growing open source alternatives to expensive office suites out there. Offering powerful features that rival the paid versions, this software is under active development to make each version better than the last.

Download LibreOffice
Free Mac Programs - Open Office Icon

Open Office

Open Office is a free alternative to office suite packages that in our opinion is better. Create word documents, spreadsheets, power points using the lightweight and easy to use features. Then export that file to a word or mac document and you can open the project on any other format.

Download Open Office


Free Mac Programs - KisMac Icon


KisMac is a free wifi scanner, good for searching for all the available networks near you. Perfect for the airport, coffee shops or other public places when you need to get access to the internet.

Download KisMac